Innovative Solutions

Ubimax is offering a set of standardized solution ready to be deployed in enterprises along the value chain.
Explore our existing solutions in more detail by clicking on a specific solution. You can also further explore our innovative technology features on the 'Features' tab and request even more details via e-mail.
Manual Order Picking
Incoming/ Outgoing Goods
Sorting of Goods
Inventory and Deficiencies

xPick is an innovative "pick-by-vision" order picking solution. It supports manual order picking, incoming, outgoing and sorting of goods as well as inventory management. xPick allows for hands-free order picking with high speed while at the same time being able to reduce the number of picking errors. With optional modules, e.g. for weight checks, barcode scans, localization, or voice confirmations, error rates can be further reduced. User acceptance is usually very high due to the innovative graphical UI design. xPick offers enormous customization flexibility and does not rely on any electronics in the environment except WLAN.

Quality Assurance

xMake is an innovative “make-by-vision” solution for manufacturing, assembly line support, and quality assurance. Today, static step-by-step assembly and quality assurance procedures dominate industrial production processes. Instructions are often printed on paper or provided via a desktop PC. In both cases instructions are not always in the line of sight of the worker nor are they dynamically adjustable during production. With xMake, relevant information, confirmations, and documentation capabilities are always at the worker’s exact location and in front of his eyes. As a result, xMake helps to increase speed and quality of production processes as well as simplifies training of new or temporary workers.

Service and Maintenance
Remote Assistance

The xInspect solution is an innovative “inspect-by-vision” solution targeting all kinds of service & maintenance processes in various industries. Service and inspection activities usually occupy both hands of a service technician. In addition, further information such as maintenance procedures are needed “at hand” as well. With xInspect all relevant information, like guidelines, checklists, visualizations, circuit diagrams, etc. are always right in the line of sight without compromising on a workers' mobility. In case onsite technicians cannot resolve a problem, remote experts may be consulted for advice. The built-in remote assistance functionality (xAssist) of xInspect helps to significantly reduce machine downtime and travel cost for key experts.

Remote Support
2-Way Video & Audio
Document Exchange
Remote Augmented Reality

xAssist provides remote assistance functionality to significantly reduce machine downtime, travel cost and time for key experts. Since the remote expert sees exactly what the person on-site sees, detailed feedback and instructions are possible. Via the intuitive xAssist web-based user interface, the remote expert can control what the person on-site sees and hears with his smart glass: video, audio, pictures, screenshots, documents, markers and more. Important vital data (e.g. for healthcare applications) or machine data (e.g. for maintenance scenarios) can be transmitted via plug-ins to xAssist. For documentation purposes, sessions can be recorded. The image quality and frames per second can be adapted depending on connection speed and the specific use case requirements.

Ward Round
Medical File
Surgery and Examination
Dementia Treatment

The xCare solution supports doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical staff by providing hands-free access to relevant information during their work. Hospital information systems today hold a massive amount of data that medical staff constantly needs to work with in order to comply with work procedures. However, at the same time patients require a lot of personal interaction and often both hands are needed as well. xCare helps to access all relevant patient information in an easy and unobtrusive way without negatively affecting patient interaction or eye contact. xCare also offers a completely new way to work with medical files, documenting health parameters, diagnosis, or treatments. Very similar scenarios are covered in elderly care.

Guidelines and Policies
Progress Tracking

The xBuild solution supports construction managers, engineers, architects, and construction workers onsite by providing access to relevant information on a smart glass. The labor intense construction industry strongly benefits from hands-free operation, which significantly increases, e.g. on-the-job safety by displaying context sensitive alerts and security procedures. xBuild allows for documenting work progress and construction defects along the way. Besides tracking work backlogs, step-by-step tutorials may guide through certain tasks. For temporary staff, xBuild holds a set of specific elements to train and guide new workers though their assigned tasks with high efficiency.

Customized Solutions

If none of Ubimax’s standardized solutions solves a customer’s problem, we offer custom development services. Based on the specific use case we conduct a project as an individual development or as a co-innovation project. Co-innovation activities typically aim at developing radically new solutions or enhancing existing ones with very innovative features. Usually companies with a “first mover strategy” chose this model to stay ahead of their competition. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Gesture Control
2D and 3D Gestures
Using Smart Glass Sensors
Using External Sensors
3D Hologram Control

Gesture interaction is today widely used and known for interaction with a smartphone. With smart glasses gesture control can now be implemented beyond swipe and touch gestures. In industry environments where e.g. gloves are worn or objects are dirty, touchless gestures provide a great alternative input channel even though not being fully hands-free. Depending on the smart glass features various gestures can be recognized in order to navigate through work processes. If special augmented reality glasses with depth sensors are used, even 3D hologram control is possible.  

Voice Recognition
Voice Command Recognition
Free Speech Recognition
Speaker Indepentent
Multi-Language Support

Voice is one of the most natural and ubiquitous interaction modalities available. For wearable devices, voice recognition offers true hands-free interaction. Our voice recognition can either run "offline" on the wearable device itself or "online" on a backend server if more intense processing is needed. To accommodate for the various usage scenarios of voice recognition, Ubimax offers configurable voice commands as well as free speech recognition. Our voice control is multi-language enabled and runs on all smart glasses which we ship with our solutions.

Data Code Scan
External 1D Laser Scanner
External 1D and 2D Imager
1D and 2D Smart Glass Scanner 
Optical Character Recognition

Barcodes (1D and 2D) are deeply integrated into many of today’s business processes. Hence, scanning and processing of data codes is an essential requirement for many business scenarios. Barcodes and QR codes can either be captured with a smart glasses' internal camera or with external scanners. Data codes can, however, not only be used to retrieve data and query systems, but provide an easy to use interaction technique. One example for a data code driven user interaction is the usage of a QR code as a login identifier: Users are able to login into all Ubimax solutions with a personalized none human readable QR code that not only contains user credentials but may also contain user preferences.

Indoor and Outdoor Localization
Using Smart Glass Camera
Using External Sensors

Location is essential context information to retrieve most relevant information for a user. If used in the right way, localization allows for implicit interaction by automatically triggering confirmations and thereby avoiding time consuming user interactions. Depending on the customer’s environment, Ubimax configures the best technology mix to let our applications determine the current user position. Localization may rely on built in cameras of smart glasses, WiFi triangulation, iBeacons, and other special purpose sensors.

Sensor integration
Weight Sensors
Pressure and Contact Sensors
Motion and Depth Sensors
Sensor Networks

The full power of wearable computing can often only be revealed by integrating sensors into a solution. Ubimax integrates various on-body and off-body sensors into special sensors networks to identify environmental or personal context within an application or standardized solution. For activity recognition different sensors are combined to track a worker's activity profile and to act upon accordingly. One example for such an activity is the use of scales within the order picking process to detect and ensure the correct part was picked and placed with the required quantity into the correct order bin.

Image Recognition
Issue Detection
Object Identification
Augmented Reality

Image sensors such as cameras in combination with image recognition algorithms are a powerful way to identify context, objects, environments, etc. Across industries image recognition provides a strong lever to automatically identify and analyze situations and to react accordingly. Our wearable computing solutions benefit from a special image recognition toolbox optimized for smart glasses and embedded systems. Image recognition also provides the way towards real see-through augmented reality. With these features, displaying context sensitive information directly into the user’s field of view can e.g. improve quality assurance procedures significantly.

Video Documentation
Audio Recording
Speech-to-Text Function
Remote Camera Control

With the innovative wearable technology solutions from Ubimax, the documentation approach can be diverse. Depending on customer's requirements, documentation tasks can be complemented with video (integrated camera on Smart Glasses) or audio (integrated microphone in Smart Glasses) recordings. In addition, with the voice recognition technology, one can also use speech-to-text function for text documentation. Finally, with remote camera control back office experts are allowed to supervise the image/video quality through a web-based user interface or to take screen shots directly from the Smart Glass camera.

Image Recognition
Real See-through AR
Monocular & Binocular AR
Video- & Semi-AR
Marker & Edge Detection

With Augmented Reality (AR) additional information can be used to provide worker with context-sensitive data. Depending on the Smart Glass model user can benefit from real-time monocular or binocular AR visualization. The extra information directly in the field of view provides users with new opportunities as they can access valuable process relevant information directly during their work. A further benefit – both hands remain free for the primary task!

Sensor integration
2-Way Video Stream
Session Recording
Snapshot Function
Multi-client Support

The latest Ubimax wearable technology solutions allow users to have a 2-way video stream incl. audio track. Back office experts in front of a customized web-based user interface are able to see in real time what the worker sees on-site. Complementarily, the remote expert can transmit his live video picture directly to the Smart Glasses of the worker. With further functions such as image uploading, snapshot function or usage of pointer the video stream becomes an sophisticated remote assistance tool that can be applied across all industries. With the intuitive and integrated multi-client support the remote assistance becomes much more efficient and effective.

Cutting-Edge Hardware
We offer a wide range of smart glasses and other Wearables as part of our solutions and for stand-alone purchase (if available). Mouseover or touch the images to get more information about each device.
  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Watches
  • Further Wearables
  • Google Glass
    Google Glass
    Price: 1,500 EUR
    (for companies available from Ubimax)
  • Vuzix M100
    Vuzix M100
    Price: 900 € excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Epson Moverío BT-200
    Epson Moverío BT-200
    Price: 589 € excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • META One
    META One
    Price: 700 EUR zzgl. MwSt.
  • Microsoft Hololens
    Microsoft Hololens
    Price: No General Availability
  • Realwear HMT-1
    Realwear HMT-1
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • ODG R-7
    ODG R-7
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • DAQRI Smart Helmet
    DAQRI Smart Helmet
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Atheer AiR
    Atheer AiR
    Price: No General Availability
  • Epson Moverío Pro BT-2000
    Epson Moverío Pro BT-2000
    Price: 2,600 EUR excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Sony SmartEyeglass
    Sony SmartEyeglass
    Price: 670 EUR zzgl. MwSt.
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Optinvent ORA-1
    Optinvent ORA-1
    Price: 700 EUR zzgl. MwSt.
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Recon Jet
    Recon Jet
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Telepathy Jumper
    Telepathy Jumper
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Vuzix M300
    Vuzix M300
    Price: No General Availability
  • Telepathy Walker
    Telepathy Walker
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Westunitis InfoLinker
    Westunitis InfoLinker
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • AirScouter WD-200B
    AirScouter WD-200B
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Fujitsu IOT001
    Fujitsu IOT001
    Price: Upon Request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Trivisio LOC.20 cam
    Trivisio LOC.20 cam
    Price: 1,700 EUR excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Oculus Rift
    Oculus Rift
    Price: 350 EUR zzgl. MwSt.
  • Motorola Solutions HC1
    Motorola Solutions HC1
    Price: 3,250 € excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Brother AirScouter
    Brother AirScouter
    Price: 2,250 € excl. VAT
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Microsoft Band
    Microsoft Band
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Samsung Gear S
    Samsung Gear S
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Samsung Gear S2
    Samsung Gear S2
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Samsung Gear 2
    Samsung Gear 2
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Pebble
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Sony Smartwatch 3
    Sony Smartwatch 3
    Price: Upon request
    (available from Ubimax)
  • Smart Vest
    Smart Vest
  • Arm Mounted Computer
    Arm Mounted Computer
  • Barcode Scanner
    Barcode Scanner
  • RFID Band
    RFID Band
  • Sensor Band
    Sensor Band
  • RFID Glove
    RFID Glove
  • Ring Scanner
    Ring Scanner
  • Glove Scanner
    Glove Scanner

Professional Services

Our experienced and versatile team provides professional services along the entire software value chain for wearable computing applications.
  • Workshops and Consulting

    Ubimax offers both business as well as technology centered workshops and consulting. By providing workshop and consulting services, we help to identify the most promising scenarios and approaches for introducing Wearables into an organization. In our special Smart Glasses Workshops organizations have the opportunity to experience different smart glasses on their own as a first step towards the identification of the best device for their environment. 

  • Configuration and Implementation

    Ubimax offers software development services as well as configuration services for existing solutions. Based on the requirements we either configure one of our existing solutions or implement a company specific application using components and features of our wearable computing framework. 

  • Configuration and Implementation

    Ubimax develops pilot applications as well as show-case demonstrators. After a successful pilot phase, we support customers during the roll-out of their wearable computing solutions to the production environment. Ubimax or its associated research partners may assist in conducting formal studies to analyze performance data of a pilot or demo system.

  • Panels and Presentations

    For our customers’ productive installations and pilots we provide a help desk and technical support with individual SLA plans. Thanks to the remote support capability of all Ubimax solutions, we also provide remote maintenance and remote solution update services to reduce onsite service time and cost for our customers.

  • Panels and Presentations

    Ubimax is a highly requested company for many events. Since our employees have long-term expertise and a strong track record in the fields of wearable computing and augmented reality we get invited for talks and presentations at various events across industries, e.g. to give an overview on the business impact and benefits of wearable computing.