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We are joining forces to create the global leader in connectivity solutions and industrial workplace technology. Two companies become one. Our joint vision: forging a global tech leader from Europe.

Wear IT at Work

We help to maximize your productivity

More than 200 enterprises around the globe already trust Ubimax’s wearable computing and augmented reality solutions. Most of them are achieving an astonishing 35% or more in productivity improvements. Join them now and start to wear IT at work!



Ubimax is the global market leader for enterprise wearables and augmented reality solutions, with a robust partner base and suite of offerings spanning end-to-end.

Eric Abbruzzese, Principal Analyst at ABI Research

Productivity Solution Platform
Ubimax Frontline is a fully integrated Productivity Solution Platform. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce – those who work outside of the office and away from desks.

Exact Picking

  • Manual Order Picking
  • Inbound & Outbound
  • Inventory & Sorting

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Exact Assembly

  • Assembly Instructions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training

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Excellent Service

  • Maintenance & Service
  • Guided Diagnosis
  • Guided Troubleshooting

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Expert Support

  • Remote Support
  • Service & After Sales
  • Live Troubleshooting

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Why Ubimax Frontline

Up to 50% Faster Processes,
Increased Quality and Reduced
Error Rates!

Our customers experienced up to 50% faster processes, increased quality due to drastically reduced error rates and built-in quality assurance, increased process flexibility as they can use their workforce in different workflows nearly without training, increased work safety as the workers are warned and reminded of dangerous situations.

More About Frontline

More Safety

Hands-free work means frontline workers can complete their tasks of climbing, and driving safely while getting information.

Higher Speed

Our customers experienced up to 50% faster processes, due to the support of real-time information in their field of view.

Greater Flexibility

Frontline creator lets management adjust, edit or update workflows, and digital checklists on the fly.

Increased Transparency

Track documentation and steps fulfilled by workers clearly, with time stamps, pictures and voice to text notes.

Happier Employees

Improve employee satisfaction through the usefulness and ease of use that AR technology provides.

Fewer Errors

Have less errors with smart glasses using step-by-step instructions, digital check lists, and clear picking instructions.

Case Studies

More than 200 Happy Customers

More than 200 customers worldwide make Ubimax the market leader in AR-based portable computing solutions. With an efficiency increase of up to 50%, our solutions offer clear economic benefits with a quick payback.

Take on more business

Excellent After-Sales service with xAssist at BMW North America

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40% faster inspection

Paperless inspection with xInspect at Airbus Helicopters

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Press Release 

Frontline 3.0 Release

Ubimax provides sophisticated update of its AR-based enterprise productivity platform for the frontline workforce.

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TeamViewer acquires Ubimax

TeamViewer und Ubimax bündeln Technologien und schaffen einen globalen Marktführer für Industrie 4.0-Lösungen.

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